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Sex Crimes

No matter the extreme, allegations can damage your future. Serious charges can be made by anyone even without physical evidence.


Not only does Florida make it a crime to drive while intoxicated but Florida includes the clause that anyone who is in “actual physical control” of the vehicle is also guilty of the offense.

James K Weick Jr PA

For the past 16 years, I have focused my entire career in criminal law. I have handled thousands of cases in every area of criminal law.

The Law  Office of James K. Weick, Jr. is dedicated to uphold the highest standard  of legal representation for those facing criminal charges. Attorney James K.  Weick, Jr. has a boutique law firm where your case is handled with personal  attention and not just another client file.

Our  Specialty Cases are the following:

  1. Sex based crimes
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Drug Offenses
  4. DUI/DWI
  5. Federal crimes

When it comes to your rights you need the dedication of your  advocate. The attorney has the experience and knowledge to take your case to trial while  some attorneys shy away from trial. The attorney has been successful for 16  years and still working hard to keep the innocent out of jail.

As a former sex crimes prosecutor, the  attorney understands the work and sensitivity involved with Sex based crimes. Many different crimes  such as Domestic Violence and Drug Offenses need an experienced  attorney that will get the job done right.

A Drunk Driving case needs a quick  response due to a suspension of your driving privileges. It is important to  know that a DUI is unique in that it involves both criminal charges and  penalties from the Department of Motor  Vehicles. When fighting both entities you need someone who will be proactive  in your defense.   James K. Weick, Jr. and his staff will make  that possible for you.

James  K. Weick, Jr. prides himself on having a boutique law firm where your case can  have the personal attention it deserves.

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